Husqvarna provides a wide range of modern products and accessories including chainsaws, robotic lawnmowers, trimmers, and ride-on mowers. We believe in designing products around our users to enable performance in nature. Since 1689, we have manufactured high-performing products and delivered industry-changing innovations such as anti-vibration and automatic chain-break on chainsaws as well as the world’s first commercial robotic mower. With a unique combination of high performance, usability, and, safety, we make sure you’re always able to get your job done efficiently, comfortably, and effectively.

With Husqvarna’s wide range of compactors, you can handle all kinds of compaction jobs – from clay, silt and sand, gravel to rockfill and asphalt. All Husqvarna compactors are high-performance, well-balanced, and ergonomically designed, allowing you to work all day with minimal strain.

Husqvarna double drum rollers are ideal for compacting thin layers of asphalt and granular soils. The high centrifugal force and speed help you get more done in less time

Husqvarna offers a wide range of floor saws in all sizes, from small push walk-behind saws to large self-propelled walk-behind road saws. Our floor saws are powered by reliable and fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines from world-leading manufacturers. All Husqvarna floor saws are designed for optimal performance in their specific applications. These range from floor cutting of concrete slabs in buildings to city street service patchwork, to groove cutting and asphalt cutting on large roadwork projects


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